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[Powderworks] favourite posters

Tari, Vince Vince.Tari at nmhg.com
Thu Oct 21 17:20:00 MDT 2004

Dave wrote ; 

>> I too would love to get my hands on a PG Campaign poster.

All you need is a ladder, a pair of pliers & some courage. There are still
some PG posters nailed about 3 metres up on telegraph poles in his
electorate. This has been a contentious issue on Sydney talkback radio, as
it is illegal to display such posters after an election. 

The right wing talkback hosts are having a field day with this, claiming
that PG should practice the Greenie policies he preaches & remove the
"offensive" posters immediately. The recent wet weather is being blamed for
the delay in removing the posters.

The irony is that the PG's Liberal opponent has just as many of his posters
still up as well.

I guess you could try his electoral office - they may have some left over ?

> Which leads me to ask everyone which is their favorite Oils Poster?
> It's a close call but I think my Blue Sky Mining poster shot on the salt
lake is my personal favorite.

Yep mine too. I remember they had a giant version of this poster at the
Sydney Ent Centre during the BSM concerts in 1990. It was huge. They still
have a smaller version there as part of the poster archives around the

Another one i liked was the massive billboard along the M4 motorway heading
west towards Parramatta. It was the yellow giant hand and was advertising
the gig at Parra Leagues (which turned out to be their last ever Sydney
show) back in 2002  It would have measured  close to10 metres wide by 4
metres high