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[Powderworks] Oz Guitar Tabs

Maurice Kelly mkelly at deadheart.org.uk
Thu Oct 21 08:17:39 MDT 2004

Craig Lawton wrote:
> I always find it funny when a new TAB site gets up and I can go see the 
> transcription of Dreamworld I did while pretending to work at bhp years 
> ago and marvel at how Jonathon Hart stuffed it up by changing it! :-)

Yep, they seem to have pulled just about everything from my site 
(which I pulled from otehr sites although I tried to get permission 
from as many authors as possible - I doubt these people did). Sorry 
about the fact that they've pulled some of your email addresses too. 
I'm in the process of changing the pages to hide email addresses from 

Personally I like the chords for Home that I attributed to "me" (after 
all I was posting it on my own site!)



Maurice R. Kelly
mkelly at deadheart.org.uk