Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] House cleaning

sweetapj at bellsouth.net sweetapj at bellsouth.net
Wed Oct 20 11:12:49 MDT 2004

Hello all.

I've been cleaning out the disk rack and and have found a ton of repeats.  The mind is going obviously.  First come, first served.

Neil Murray - These Hands
Neil Murray - The Wondering Kind (2 copies!!)
Midnight Oil - The Real Thing ( 2 CDs with interview disk)
Oils - Redneck Wonderland (US version)
Oils - Redneck Wonderland (Oz version with fold out insert)
Redneck Wonderland CD single with The Great Gibber Plain Ambient Version 
Golden Age single song CD single
Land - CD single
Breathe CD single with underwater, surf's up tonight, sins of omission and home
Forgotten Years CD single
Sometimes CD single
Best of the B Sides
Blue Sky Mine US release
Diesel and Dust US release
Ghostwriters first CD (2 copies!)

Do your part and help me get room to buy new stuff!  You guys get first chance!

Jill in Atlanta