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rick rickysan at speedlink.com.au
Thu Oct 14 18:31:38 MDT 2004

                  I must say i disagree...

       I don't think Mark Latham did much wrong...I voted Labor

        NO - ONE would have got the Labor party over the line with
unemployment and intersest rates low....To my mind that was the number 1
factor...With so many people mortgaged up to the eyeballs,i have no doubt
that if interest rates were 10% and drifting that the election would have
been a cliff hanger..

          As much as i would love Pete to be prime minister i would be
AMAZED if it happened...Australia seems to be becoming a more conservative
country by the year...To my mind,it would take a miracle for someone with
such strong feelings about aboriginal rights and asylum seekers to get
widespread community support....which i consider a shame....


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> I agree.
> The only way Labor can hope to win an election in the next decade will be
> with Garrett as the leader.  Latham is certainly not the answer (as the
> swing against Labor in the last election showed) and basically there is no
> one else.
> The only concern is that factional politics will get in the way and
> will never received the opportunity to be elected as leader.  If this
> happens then Labor could be spending a long time in opposition.
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> When someone said Pete was going to be on the 7:30 Report tonight, I
> didn't think they meant he would be the entire show!
> But it turned out to be a in-depth 30 minute examination of his
> political campaign, and I wish now that I'd taped it!
> It included some footage of the Byron Bay on-stage performance with Rob
> (basically we saw the first verse of "My Country" and the last few
> seconds of "Progress" - I'd like to see/hear the full version of
> "Progress" in particular, as it would be an interesting thing done
> acoustically).  There was also a bit of Rob and Paul Greene doing
> "Secret World".
> The other thing that really struck me was a bit where Pete was out and
> about with Mark Latham (Labor Party leader for those not in Oz).  If you
> didn't know who was who, and were asked to pick which was the
> experienced party leader and which was the newby with the "L" plates on,
> you'd get them the wrong way around.  Garrett just dominates any group
> of people (I don't mean that in a negative way), and it was Latham who
> was talking inane rubbish as though he felt like he had to say something
> but couldn't think of anything to say.
> I'm putting money on now that Peter Garrett will be leading the Labor
> Party in the 2010 election, if not the 2007 one.
> jeff...
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