Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Garrett

Margaret Benzer benzer at mail.mc.maricopa.edu
Mon Oct 11 08:13:49 MDT 2004

From: "Kate Parker Adams" <kate at dnki.net>

> All us yanks are holding our breath for our own elections in four 
> weekstime.

Are we holding our breath or just covering out ears?  I'm sick of all 
of the negative campaigning, and that's just the local elections.  If I 
hear one more, "This candidate's interests are more aligned with 
Washington than with Arizona..." I am going to scream.  And don't get 
me started on the presidential ads.  I hate them on both sides.  Plus 
we get the debate at Arizona State University on Wednesday, four miles 
from my house.  My sister works there and was told not to take the day 
off as it would look bad if the staff at the library was gone.  I told 
her to make sure she is off campus before any of the candidates shows 
up or she will never get out.  When President Bush visited my campus 
last year, they shut down the parking lots here so I was stuck until he 
was gone.

Margaret, who would love to find a cave to hide in until the elections 
are over