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[Powderworks] NMOC - lawnmowers

Julian Shaw (Man Myth or Monkey?) julian at monkeyfamily.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Oct 6 05:57:38 MDT 2004

I never really considered petrol powered lawn mowers. You would have to have a 
really big garden or be very lazy to justify one of those (and a very big 
garage to store one!). Most people over here have electric ones or even just 
the push along human powered ones (I'm sure my grandparents still use hand 

Grass will grow pretty much everywhere in this country. I don't feel too 
guilty about using a lawnmower...more guilt with using disposable nappies!!

>===== Original Message From Kelly Morris <km97mo at yahoo.com> =====
>Whether lawnmowers are bad or not kind of depends on
>which kind of lawnmower you use.  I hate gas powered
>mowers because they're extremely noisy and they
>release exhuast fumes.  My parents use a mower that is
>not gas powered.  Pushing it across the lawn causes
>blades to rotate, which cuts the grass.  It creates
>minimal noise - just the slicing sound of turning
>blades - and no pollution.  It also has the added
>benefit of giving you a bit of a workout.  I don't
>think lawn mowers are evil, terrible machines, but
>there are better ways to maintain a lawn than with a
>power mower.
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