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[Powderworks] NMOC - lawnmowers

Kate Parker Adams kate at dnki.net
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I have an electric lawnmower, but I don't really use it much since I have
replaced my formerly pathetic and dry and shady front lawn with non-invasive
xeroscaping - flowers, a little path, etc.  A couple years ago, when there
was drought, it was a riot of blooms when neighbor's lawns died or got grub
chomped.  Now two neighbors have been ripping out more grass for more garden
each year. The concept is spreading to each neighbor in turn when faced with
grass that simply won't grow.

It is futile to even try to grow more grass than you can use in climates and
areas where it isn't native.  My Kentucky-born friends tore up their New
England lawn out of frustration and gardened it, but wouldn't dream of doing
that where they grew up because the grass IS the native plant.  My general
rule of thumb is that if it needs a lot of care to stay alive, it doesn't
belong there!  If it tries to take over the world, it is invasive and needs
to be removed (from office).


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Whether lawnmowers are bad or not kind of depends on
which kind of lawnmower you use.  I hate gas powered
mowers because they're extremely noisy and they
release exhuast fumes.  My parents use a mower that is
not gas powered.  Pushing it across the lawn causes
blades to rotate, which cuts the grass.  It creates
minimal noise - just the slicing sound of turning
blades - and no pollution.  It also has the added
benefit of giving you a bit of a workout.  I don't
think lawn mowers are evil, terrible machines, but
there are better ways to maintain a lawn than with a
power mower.

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