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[Powderworks] Meat v Veg + Oils?

Bruce Robertson the_oil_fish at yahoo.ca
Fri Oct 1 12:57:28 MDT 2004

Hey Powder Hogs n Heifers,
Here's an example of economics and ecology combining at the grassroot level to avert a potential disaster with no gov't involvement and absolutely no cost to taxpayers:
Last year in Thailand there was an astonishing increase in the rat population. The regions' grain crops were seriously threatened. Enterprising restauranteurs and curbside vendors put rats on the menu and - presto - no more rat infestation problem. Bbq'ed, shiskabobed, stir fried, you name it - tasty, grain-fed, mmm...pointy...From what I understand they couldn't get enough of it.
The exact same thing could be done with grasshoppers here on the plains. Four full grown locusts offer as much protein as a single portion of beef steak. Our farmer friends could make a fortune. And we could eat them and raise them in squalid conditions without any repercussions or pangs of conscience (although somewhere in the back of my brain I'm hear Homer Simpson say "aww, but they have such expressive eyes.")
bruce in calgary

Kate Parker Adams <kate at dnki.net> wrote:
In the US the "humane" society euthanizes dogs who are not adopted in a tight time frame.  They must dispose of the bodies.
Why is it any worse or even bad at all if surplus canine population that causes trouble be used to provide difficult-to-find protein?
I like dogs and don't eat them, but it does bring some assumptions into question.  
As a young child, I ate game and caught a lot of my own fish.  I'm with ya on this one, pretty much, although I'd like to see an end to the factory farms that destroy the land, torture the animals, and often create very low-paid, poor condition work for people forced off their own land by low prices.
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I have hilltribe friends in northern Thailand who eat it regularly - I didn't only cause it wasn't offered - and they claim if you eat dog you'll never be cold in the winter. Strange it never caught on in Canada...
bruce in calgary

Dave Baker <dave1212 at hotmail.com> wrote:

I don't recall many OILs songs bringing up the issue of meat eaters v veggies but I'll join in. KW, I live in Asia and eating the family dog is an enjoyable change from pork and chicken. Goes nice with ginger and fish sauce although the tail is a tad boney. Each to his/her own.

Dave B

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