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[Powderworks] Meat v Veg + Oils?

Kate Parker Adams kate at dnki.net
Fri Oct 1 09:07:33 MDT 2004

I seem to remember an interview where they talk about going back to the
outback and "eating a lot of meat"
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  "...for the smell of the wallabee stew" from Stars of  Warburton
  Doesn't sound like a paean to vegegarianism to me!

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  I don't recall many OILs songs bringing up the issue of meat eaters v
veggies but I'll join in. KW, I live in Asia and eating the family dog is an
enjoyable change from pork and chicken. Goes nice with ginger and fish sauce
although the tail is a tad boney. Each to his/her own.

  Dave B


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