Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Live Discs Offer

Carlos Coelho carlos.a.coelho at uol.com.br
Sun Mar 14 21:35:57 MST 2004

Hey everyone!

I have just finished sending a few packs with the 15 Oils Cds from the
Live Project to some list members. 
Since Beth Curran sent me my discs, I have had a lot of fun with so many
Cds full of great music.
In the last weeks I tried to help people to get their copies, specially
the folks that were not able to be in the Cd tree in time to
The ones that replied to me seemed very happy to see their discs
Anyway, I know there are still some people that haven't been connected
to anyone regarding this Cd tree, so I decided I will help a few others
that might be in need.
So, If you need a copy and you have no one to ask for, drop me a line at
carlos.a.coelho at uol.com.br and I will see what I can do.
Hope everyone is well.
Take care,