Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justin H justinh at jeack.com.au
Tue Mar 9 13:38:41 MST 2004

Thats better! This is a "NEW" stereo mix. Nothing like the old. As good as
the old one is this seriously rocks. Sounds like it was recorded yesterday.

>On Mar 8, Justin H wrote:
>> Sorry to dissappoint you but the info on the ABC site is not correct.
The CD
>> does not contain those tracks. Hopefully they will update it correctly
>ABC site today...
>CD: Midnight Oil: Oils On The Water CD
>Sound Mixed by Keith Walker
>Recorded at Goat Island National Park
>Sydney Harbour 13th January 1985
>01 Best Of Both Worlds
>02 When The Generals Talk
>03 Minutes To Midnight
>04 Sleep
>05 Only The Strong
>06 Short Memory
>07 Kosciuszko
>08 Us Forces
>09 Jimmy Sharman's Boxers
>10 Back On The Borderline
>11 Tin Legs & Tin Mines
>12 Don't Wanna Be The One
>13 Power & The Passion
>14 Read About It
>15 Harrisburg
>16 Stand In Line