Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maurice R. Kelly mkelly at deadheart.org.uk
Mon Mar 8 08:57:42 MST 2004

On Mar 8, Justin H wrote:

> Sorry to dissappoint you but the info on the ABC site is not correct. The CD
> does not contain those tracks. Hopefully they will update it correctly ASAP.

ABC site today...

CD: Midnight Oil: Oils On The Water CD
Sound Mixed by Keith Walker
Recorded at Goat Island National Park
Sydney Harbour 13th January 1985
01 Best Of Both Worlds
02 When The Generals Talk
03 Minutes To Midnight
04 Sleep
05 Only The Strong
06 Short Memory
07 Kosciuszko
08 Us Forces
09 Jimmy Sharman's Boxers
10 Back On The Borderline
11 Tin Legs & Tin Mines
12 Don't Wanna Be The One
13 Power & The Passion
14 Read About It
15 Harrisburg
16 Stand In Line

Excellent. I think I have a boot of the gig made from the videos that did
the rounds, but having an original CD will be fantastic.


Maurice R. Kelly
mkelly at deadheart.org.uk