Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Justin H

Sebastian Balcombe sbalcombe at agelessfoundation.com
Thu Mar 4 10:16:14 MST 2004

Justin, I don't what to come off unappreciative of all the work you are
doing, on the contrary I'm really excited getting the DVD myself. It sounds
like you have put allot of work into the project, and I'm sure it will be
well worth it. I guess, I was just saying that since I already have the
shows on tape I would have rather of had something different first, but this
is not to say that I wouldn't prefer a much higher quality DVD of the same
shows. I'm sure many people don't have these full shows, so it's going to
great starting point for watching early oils shows for allot of people.
So thanks again, and I hope I didn't come off unappreciative.

BTW, any word on future oil projects  down the road??