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[Powderworks] Stand In Line version(s)?

Tom Giffey giffey at mail.cvol.net
Tue Jun 22 06:47:41 MDT 2004


This track is also available on the so-called "Green Disc" promo CD from the early 1990s. This should be available on eBay or elsewhere if you keep your eyes open. 


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>Hi Sean,
>As far as I know it is only available as a b-side to the Armistice Day single.
>This was released both on 12" & CD (with the cd being far harder to find)!
>You should be able to find it in online record shops such as Redeye, southland 
>CD, etc.
>Quoting Sean Dwyer <ewe2 at aardvark.net.au>:
>> G'day. New to the list. Much impressed!
>> I'm looking for a specific live version of Stand In Line which I haven't
>> heard for 10 years but desperately want to hear again. I believe it's
>> the b-side of the Armistice Day 12" (the one which starts with Pete
>> saying "seeyalater"), but I could be wrong. You'd know it if you heard
>> it: Giffo hammering at lightspeed and Moginie's alien feedback screams.
>> Does anyone know if it's possible to buy this version on any release?
>> Are there even better live versions?
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