Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] mp3's

Phil L. fil at arach.net.au
Tue Jun 29 08:54:13 MDT 2004

Maurice R. Kelly wrote:

> On Jun 29, Phil L. wrote:
>> I just ripped them at 192 and put all the studio albums from 78 to 98 
>> on one cd... :-)
>> i figure adding live stuff would just make for a lot of double ups, 
>> so i'll save that for a second cd... :)
> Two words powderpeople... iPod and iTrip. the iPod currently holds ~5600
> songs and counting. The iTrip allows short range broadcasts from the
> iPod to your FM stereo (generally in your car but any FM stereo will
> do.) The iPod is also saving me a lot of wear and tear on my CDs as I
> rarely have to use them any more.

and... if you have a recent alpine deck, you can get an AInet adaptor 
for your iPod to plug it straight into the deck... :-)

Phil L.