Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] mp3's

Jeff and Jane Scott jscott at iinet.net.au
Tue Jun 29 04:06:15 MDT 2004

> From korablev_a at mx.ihep.su
> >
> You are lucky. But someone don't have all Midnight Oil
> discography on CDs or
> any other way.
> And if you tell "on one CD" what is a bitrate in this case - 128 kbps?
> That bugged CD have 192 kbps, probably it's the reason for
> missing SD, SIB and
> TRT?

Mine is indeed at 128 and it just fits!  And my ears can't tell the
difference between 128 and 192 anyway.

while on the subject of mp3's, here's a periodic reminder of my ftp
service where you can find a truckload of live stuff.

I've just changed the login details, as I do every now and then for
security reasons, so if you're a current user you need to note the new
details below.

Site:  scmods.serveftp.net
Username: kosciusko
Password: shipyards

>From a web browser this can be accessed via:

1. This site is only available when I am online, which is a lot of the
time but not all of the time.
2. The number of users who can be logged on simultaneously is limited
3. DON'T download mp3's, burn them to a CD then trade them.  A lot of
people get very narky about mp3 sourced material.
4. Go out and buy all the band's official releases that are available in
your part of the world.