Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] eBay Item - warning

korablev_a at mx.ihep.su korablev_a at mx.ihep.su
Tue Jun 29 13:40:43 MDT 2004

                                            korablev_a at mx.ihep.su, 29-JUN-2004

You are lucky. But someone don't have all Midnight Oil discography on CDs or
any other way.

>Meh.  I have the ENTIRE collection (including b-sides and rarities) in
>mp3 format all on one CD.  Why do I need this one?

And if you tell "on one CD" what is a bitrate in this case - 128 kbps?
That bugged CD have 192 kbps, probably it's the reason for missing SD, SIB and

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