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[Powderworks] eBay Item - warning

korablev_a at mx.ihep.su korablev_a at mx.ihep.su
Tue Jun 29 12:43:18 MDT 2004

                                            korablev_a at mx.ihep.su, 29-JUN-2004


I send this message as a warning about this eBay Item:

This is CD with .mp3 files that was discussed a while ago.
A couple of minor things (that were revealed when I was trying to buy such CD
for myself and then return it back, but it was not eBay auction):
1. Species Deceases EP, Scream In Blue and The Real Thing albums are missed.
2. Several files from Capricornia folder can't be played at all (you even
can't copy them from CD).
Besides it is not "Ltd.500" as seller says, but it seems like the whole bunch
of them is bugged (Capricornia folder), at least I checked it with two discs.

I do not recommend to buy this CD.
But at least you can see how it looks like. :)

Best regards,