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Hi All,

Found this today...yikes...From Green Left Weekly, June 23, 2004.

US Forces: Peter Garrett's new lyrics

US Forces give the nod,
it's a setback for your country
US Forces let them in,
it'll be good for the country
Bombs and trenches all in rows,
bombs and threats still ask for more
Pine Gap will stay open,
I'll be there asking for more
Divided world the CIA,
who controls the issue
Divided world the Latham way,
I'll confuse the issue
You leave us with no time to talk,
you can write your assessment
It'll leave me with more time to talk,
I'll re-write my own assessment
Sing me songs of no denying,
seems to me too many trying
Sing me songs I've been denying,
Seems to me you've all been trying
Waiting for the next big thing
Waiting for my next big move
Will you know it when you see it,
high risk children dogs of war
Well you'll know it when you see it,
high-risk career move, dodge the war
Now market movements call the shots,
business deals in parking lots
Now market movements call my shots,
I'll make deals in parking lots
Waiting for the meat of tomorrow
Waiting for the seat of tomorrow
Everyone is too stoned to start emission
Everyone too stunned to start admitting
People too scared to go to prison
I'm no good in opposition
I won't have to make decisions
We're unable to make decision
Political party line don't cross that floor
Politicians' party line — I've crossed that floor
Lt. Ron Hubbard can't save your life
Speaking up now is not my life
Superboy takes a plutonium wife
Latham takes an ex-greenie wife
In the shadow of Ban The Bomb we live
Out of the shadow of “Ban the Bomb” I've moved

[Original lyrics by Midnight Oil. New lyrics by Liam Mitchell
(with apologies to the rest of Midnight Oil).]
>From Green Left Weekly, June 23, 2004.
Visit the Green Left Weekly home page. <http://www.greenleft.org.au/>

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