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[Powderworks] 20,000 Watt RSL DVD

Kate_Adams Kate_Adams at uml.edu
Sun Jun 13 17:47:07 MDT 2004

Okay, so I'm behind the times a bit here.  I won a contest (poetry for peace
and justice) and I had a juicy gift certificate to my favorite record store
burning a hole in my pocket. I also had the day off as it was officially
"Mourning in America" day for the man with the landslide.  While combing
through the new and used racks for CDs and DVDs, I stumbled across the older
Googlewatt RSL DVD formatted for the US market and it followed me home.

It was kind of surreal watching it with all the Requisite Reagan Deification
going on in the social background.  Especially the early stuff plus my
younger son playing "My Country" repeatedly (I hunted up the cd single in my
collection and let him listen in bed).

I also noticed that "pictures" had quotes from Dr. Bob Brown about logging
in the Tasman forests that he reiterated when Pete was shedding his skin ...
er ... mulling over his options last week.  When it looked like PG was
headed for ALP, Brown said 'They're STILL logging (number) of hectares in
Tasmania ..."   A couple hours later, when I saw that video, the same figure
marched across the screen in bold type, attributed to Dr. Bob.  Wow ... not
just some abstract figure, but a historical reference within a subculture.

Underwater made me want to grab my bodyboard and find some surf damnit!

They must have had a good time with that oobergroovy outbreak of love video.
Totally.  Dave and I were laughing our arses off.  Wow.  Gnarly.  Pass the
doobie, will ya?  I have to say that Martin starts with mmmmm in that one

The rest of it is just too amazing all around.  I still haven't even started
getting through the talking clips yet.  I have to fight my kids for the
remote control anyway (MINE!)

Anyone else find this to be too much stimulation all at once?

Best to all,