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[Powderworks] re: PG joins labor & OT: Governor Arnold (long)

Peter Scott Poitras ppoitras at charter.net
Thu Jun 10 13:08:18 MDT 2004

Not that I always believe he comes off that well, but Bono seems to be somewhat active on the activist/political front.  Not that I'm advocating, or even care, but it would seem he'd be a rocker who wouldn't necessarily be laughed into the oceans.  

And who wouldn't be interested in seeing Lou Reed or Henry ROllins run for office.  They've got opinions, aren't afraid to voice them, are relatively well-spoken, and could probably scare the bejesus out of a lot of people.  Sounds like an event...


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> Date: 2004/06/10 Thu PM 02:24:29 EDT
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> Subject: [Powderworks] re: PG joins labor & OT: Governor Arnold (long)
> Diana, Miron, Phil --
> Many thanks for the replies, info and links. I find this all fascinating on several different levels. I cannot think of an American rocker who would not be laughed into the ocean if s/he pursued politics as a means to further his/her convictions. Those that do speak out have much, much smaller national profiles, i.e. none of them performed at the Salt Lake City Olympics. I'm still personally muddled on how I feel about PG's latest decision(s) though that's really of no consequence.