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Poudouvrier poudouvrier at yahoo.fr
Thu Jun 10 05:56:18 MDT 2004

Björn Blomquist wrote :

The reason is simply that in 1982 the band hadn’t yet put out their best work; of course the fantastic ’10, 9, 8
’ album was released, but ’Bird Noises’ and ’Postcard’ are among my least favourite Oils material.

Bird Noises & Postcard were already released in November 1982! Bad excuse mate!

Am I the only one who thinks that the studio recording of "No time for games" – and to a lesser extent "Lucky country" too – is BETTER than the speeded-up live version?

I'm afraid you are! I definitly prefer the live version (any) of No Time rather than the studio version. My fav' is the one at Hollywood Palladium in August 85. The lucky country live from The Capitol 82 is for me the best.

I now understand what the squeaking noise in "Brave faces" comes from.

I now understand why Peter stopped singing during Power & the passion!

Did they play more nights at the same venue, or was this material from one show only? 

According to Rob in the 20,000 Watt DVD, they played four nights at the Capitol. But I don't know if the one recorded is the first or last or in-between!

"Armistice Day" clip on the "20,000 Watt" compilation: not the same as this one, right?

No mate. This one comes from a concert in Melbourne earlier in the same year.

 I just can’t help wondering: was this a free-entry gig?

As Chris said, the whole audience were winners of a contest. It wasn't an "open" gig!

"Giffo" in action.

Yeah I know, the best! Giffo has a "real" backing voice, I mean his voice does not cover Peter, as Bones did sometimes! Definitly the best bass player in The Oils. Just hear 'Stand in line' or 'Sleep'.

Why were no songs from ’Species Deceases’ played? The EP must have been released at this time?

As far as I know, Species Deceases came later in the year (fall 85)...

I think I’m speaking for many of us when I say that a latter-day Oils concert featuring Bones will be a very welcome DVD release in the future. MTV Unplugged, please! And what about one from their very last tour?

I'm sure Justin is already working hard on this!




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