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[Powderworks] Garrett Sports New Look

Kate_Adams Kate_Adams at uml.edu
Thu Jun 10 01:29:59 MDT 2004

Former Rocker Sheds Skin

Sydney, NSW: Peter Garrett has shed his skin in preparation for becoming a

While the reptilian former Midnight Oil lead singer and former ACF head
remained in seclusion early this week before accepting the Labor Party's
offer of a seat, he was doing more than mulling over his options according
to unnamed sources.

"I was NOT preparing to sell my soul!" protested an exasperated Garrett. "I
was simply molting."   Consulting herpetologists alledgedly advised Garrett
that, as a politician, he would need more room for the kind of ego and
ambition necessary to do a proper job as MP.  "Besides, the rockstar
environmentalist thing was done with.  It didn't fit anymore.  It was time
to move on."

The outgoing message at the Midnight Oil front office was once again set to
the "we wish him well" message crafted when Garrett left the band.  Former
bandmates could not be reached for comment.