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[Powderworks] Re: PG joins ALP

Rhonda kayak at sympatico.ca
Wed Jun 9 20:17:09 MDT 2004

Hi Nathan,

I hope you're right...it just seemed mighty odd to me and almost 
"sell-off" 'ish for him to be joining the ranks of one once considered 
the enemy.  He struck me more as the type that would live and die with 
the Greens or similar rather than do something like this.  Numerous 
articles have stated it will be tough for him to change the basic 
ideology of the ALP from within, there's just too many potential 
clashes.  Personally, and this is only my opinion, I think he's setting 
himself up for a big disappointment and possible crash of his political 
career.  But maybe I'm totally wrong and not giving him enough 
credit....I'd love to see him as PM but not at the cost of sacrificing 
or even watering down his green values.  


PS...can't remember who asked and too tired to go look, but Pete ran for 
the Nuclear Disarmament Party in 1984.  Apparently his defeat came not 
too long before the Goat Island concert - he's wearing the shirt at the 
show.  I think Rob also had a sticker saying something like "this is a 
nuclear-free zone" on his drums, too...it shows in some of the shots.

Here's an idea...maybe Rob should run for the Greens!  hehe...ok, here's 
one....if each of the Oils were to run for government, what party would 
each run for...real or imagined...this could be fun...;-)

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>I can see the reasons for him joining the ALP, it's a way for him to get
>straight to the top, in a position to make some real changes. By joining the
>ALP, Pete has a real chance to wield some power in parliament.
>He may even be PM in 3-6 years. We live in hope...
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>>Following this as closely as possible...trying to get a crash course in
>>Australian politics.  The more I Read About It, the more puzzled I am by
>>his decision.  Resigning from ACF, applying for a union membership (SMH
>>article said it was a prerequisite to joining the ALP), then joining a
>>party with values seemingly so at odds with all that he has stood for,
>>for so long.
>>Forgive me if I'm missing something *really* obvious here, but my
>>growing reaction is  - What is he THINKING?
>>Anybody know if he's suffered a bump on the head lately?  IMHO, either
>>he's really wily and has something up his sleeve, or he's severely
>>disillusioned / naive / ???
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