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PG keeps saying that he is open to a final "see ya later" tour but I wish he
would just announce when it will be.  I wonder if Justin is still in contact
with some of the other band members and if he knows whether there is any
interest from them in performing again one last time?

The Prime Minister (Liberal Party) said yesterday that his favourite Oils
song is Beds are Burning (no doubt without the "sorry" tracksuits they wore
at the Olympics).  Maybe Pete and the band are working up to perform this
song (and others) as their final performance when PG has his first time in

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I think I heard one of the reports ask him this morning if there was any
chance of him doing anymore shows with the Oils, and he chuckled and said
"Maybe 1 more"

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> Unfortunately workers this announcement today probably spells the end of
> chance of a farewell tour.
> Latham confirms Garrett running
> 10:15 AEST Thu Jun 10 2004
> Environmentalist and rock star Peter Garrett would run as Labor's
> for the Sydney federal seat of Kingsford Smith, Labor leader Mark Latham
> said.
> The announcement ends speculation about Mr Garrett running for the seat
> by Laurie Brereton, who last week announced he would retire at the next
> election.
> It comes despite intense opposition from local ALP branch members, who
> wanted a local Labor Party member to stand, and a report Mr Garrett had
> voted in a federal election for a decade.
> Mr Garrett resigned his position as president of the Australian
> Foundation (ACF) to run for parliament, ACF executive director Don Henry
> said.
> Standing alongside Mr Latham at Sydney's Maroubra Beach at the heart of
> Kingsford Smith electorate, Mr Garrett said he would apply himself
> diligently and honestly to the role.
> He said he had been impressed by the way Labor had addressed the most
> important environmental issue - climate change and global warming.
> "If ever you wanted to see solid policy already in place, it's a policy
> I totally endorse and support, and you see it on climate change," Mr
> said.
> "Now that is one of the most compelling environment and social and
> and international issues that we face.
> "The Howard government is virtually silent on it, Labor is not. I feel
> comfortable with that."
> Asked whether he would offer Mr Garrett a frontbench position, Mr Latham
> said: "That of course is a matter for the Labor caucus but I'd be
> that if at some time in the future Peter wasn't a frontline minister in a
> Labor government.
> "He's got a lot to offer. He's got a big contribution to make and of
> we want a contribution to be made in the most appropriate capacity.
> "Inevitably, it's a matter for caucus, but in the fullness of time I'd
> expect Peter to be there as one of our frontline contributors."
> This is what Peter said In 1990 - he told The Sunday Telegraph: "I would
> [run again] but I would only want to do it if a lot of people wanted me
> because it's a dog's life surrounded by hypocrites and drunks. It's no way
> to spend the rest of your working life. I want a more instinctive and
> hopefully passionate sort of life."
> Perhaps he sees it as a great challenge to change our politicians from
> "hypocrites and drunks" to   intellgent caring people?
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