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[Powderworks] PG offically joins ALP

Andrew Pye apye at bigpond.com
Wed Jun 9 19:21:33 MDT 2004

Yep! My thoughts exactly!

I have just finished watching his official announcement on TV that he will
join the ALP and run for the seat of Kingsford Smith and it was glaringly
obvious he's toeing party lines! For years we heard him say that Pine Gap
should be closed, and now, not more than 10 minutes ago he said that he
doesn't think it should be! Back flips or what! A perfect politician
already! Although, his reasons for the back flip were very valid.

But obviously in what is essentially a 2 party system, if you join any other
party you aren't going to make a lick of difference anyway! Thus the ALP.
The only other real alternative is the Libs and we know that wont happen!

Business deals in parking lots maybe?????????

My confusion is why anyone would want him in their party anyway (Greens
excepted) because no matter what the opinions of people on this list are,
more people in the wider community don't like him than do.  Not withstanding
that, the Labour party has traditionally been for the "working class", and
as such at odds with a lot of things Pete has stood for. It's not about what
someone has to offer, it's about votes. To me it is a political risk.

The outcome should be interesting.

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> Following this as closely as possible...trying to get a crash course in
> Australian politics.  The more I Read About It, the more puzzled I am by
> his decision.  Resigning from ACF, applying for a union membership (SMH
> article said it was a prerequisite to joining the ALP), then joining a
> party with values seemingly so at odds with all that he has stood for,
> for so long.
> Forgive me if I'm missing something *really* obvious here, but my
> growing reaction is  - What is he THINKING?
> Anybody know if he's suffered a bump on the head lately?  IMHO, either
> he's really wily and has something up his sleeve, or he's severely
> disillusioned / naive / ???