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Andrew Pye apye at bigpond.com
Wed Jun 9 19:14:36 MDT 2004

I think I heard one of the reports ask him this morning if there was any
chance of him doing anymore shows with the Oils, and he chuckled and said
"Maybe 1 more"

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> Unfortunately workers this announcement today probably spells the end of
> chance of a farewell tour.
> Latham confirms Garrett running
> 10:15 AEST Thu Jun 10 2004
> Environmentalist and rock star Peter Garrett would run as Labor's
> for the Sydney federal seat of Kingsford Smith, Labor leader Mark Latham
> said.
> The announcement ends speculation about Mr Garrett running for the seat
> by Laurie Brereton, who last week announced he would retire at the next
> election.
> It comes despite intense opposition from local ALP branch members, who
> wanted a local Labor Party member to stand, and a report Mr Garrett had
> voted in a federal election for a decade.
> Mr Garrett resigned his position as president of the Australian
> Foundation (ACF) to run for parliament, ACF executive director Don Henry
> said.
> Standing alongside Mr Latham at Sydney's Maroubra Beach at the heart of
> Kingsford Smith electorate, Mr Garrett said he would apply himself
> diligently and honestly to the role.
> He said he had been impressed by the way Labor had addressed the most
> important environmental issue - climate change and global warming.
> "If ever you wanted to see solid policy already in place, it's a policy
> I totally endorse and support, and you see it on climate change," Mr
> said.
> "Now that is one of the most compelling environment and social and
> and international issues that we face.
> "The Howard government is virtually silent on it, Labor is not. I feel
> comfortable with that."
> Asked whether he would offer Mr Garrett a frontbench position, Mr Latham
> said: "That of course is a matter for the Labor caucus but I'd be
> that if at some time in the future Peter wasn't a frontline minister in a
> Labor government.
> "He's got a lot to offer. He's got a big contribution to make and of
> we want a contribution to be made in the most appropriate capacity.
> "Inevitably, it's a matter for caucus, but in the fullness of time I'd
> expect Peter to be there as one of our frontline contributors."
> This is what Peter said In 1990 - he told The Sunday Telegraph: "I would
> [run again] but I would only want to do it if a lot of people wanted me
> because it's a dog's life surrounded by hypocrites and drunks. It's no way
> to spend the rest of your working life. I want a more instinctive and
> hopefully passionate sort of life."
> Perhaps he sees it as a great challenge to change our politicians from
> "hypocrites and drunks" to   intellgent caring people?
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