Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] PG joins ALP

Rhonda kayak at sympatico.ca
Wed Jun 9 17:39:26 MDT 2004

Following this as closely as possible...trying to get a crash course in 
Australian politics.  The more I Read About It, the more puzzled I am by 
his decision.  Resigning from ACF, applying for a union membership (SMH 
article said it was a prerequisite to joining the ALP), then joining a 
party with values seemingly so at odds with all that he has stood for, 
for so long.

Forgive me if I'm missing something *really* obvious here, but my 
growing reaction is  - What is he THINKING?  

Anybody know if he's suffered a bump on the head lately?  IMHO, either 
he's really wily and has something up his sleeve, or he's severely 
disillusioned / naive / ???