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Tue Jun 8 17:46:24 MDT 2004

oh, and my 2c worth miron is that it's not just the cosmetics industries
that use scientific animal experimentation to use science to make us
believe that (a) products are OK for us to use, and 
(b) then convince us to spend money to continue these experiments whilst,
arguably, being able to release products of questionable health benefits
onto the market.
look past the cosmetics markets here.  while they are a prime issue, there
could be far more abuses of life (both animal and human) going on than we

>I must say I disagree with you here.
>to begin with, what the Nazis did (as per Nuremberg) was without the
>consent of the subjects. this is diff to asking people to join a
>study and compensating them for it. not that I am advocating using
>humans in such studies but on the other hand I am not in principle
>opposed to it either. particularly considering how we use/used
>animals in the cosmetics industry.
>secondly I doubt there are many substances left where we do not know
>or suspect. possibly in hi-tech industries (recent IBM labs case)
>but as far as primary industries go - is there anything we don't
>already suspect an issue may exist?
>and thirdly, the issue IMO is not consent but greed. even if there
>were no moral or legal issues there is no reason why any business
>would upfront conduct a study. businesses do not, as a rule, spend
>time or money on anything that does not contribute directly to
>either revenue generation or cost reduction unless they have no
>choice. if we judge by the most heavily penalized industry (tobacco)
>I doubt that even if they could turn back the clock that they would
>have done it any differently. over time they still made far more
>than what they lost through litigation. 
>unions would have helped here but unfortunately unions have long ago
>stopped caring about the workers and would rather focus on their
>executives (much like the businesses they once fought against). the
>only way I can see this situation improving is through legislation
>and education. and let's face it - with the current governments in
>both US and Oz there is little likelihood of improvement any time
>   How could people get so unkind?
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