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[Powderworks] finally got my copy of best of both worlds :)

CHRIS WINTER +61 2 8333 3131 winter.chris at abc.net.au
Mon Jun 7 14:14:42 MDT 2004

Hi -- no NTSC out there just yet; formal distribution deal for North America
still in negotiation; when complete, NTSC version will be released. Hope to know
about this in next few weeks. In the meantime as I mentioned, some new tracks
have been uploaded to www.abc.net.au/oils , all three from Cap Theatre Sydney
11/82. If your connection is really slow, then audio sounds good too.

Chris Winter

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On Jun 7, Nitram wrote:

> as the tille says, finally got my copy of best of both worlds :)
> just one curious thing, I know the dvd is region 0 and on PAL system.
> I live on Canada so I have the ntsc system, tv and dvd player......and to my
surprise could see it!! :O
> I tought I would had to go and convert it to be able to watch it.
> Could it be that my copy is ntsc?
> Mine is official, not a bootleg or home copy.

I'd say that unless an NTSC run has been produced without announcement,
then no you don't have an NTSC copy. Chris Winter could confirm/deny any
the existence of NTSC versions at this stage. Chris?

I'd say what is more likely to be the case is that your DVD player is
capable of converting PAL to NTSC which your TV is displaying. Or your
DVD player can't convert but the TV can accept a PAL signal and display

My TV/DVD player system can handle NTSC discs - and it's not some high
end system. If my system can handle NTSC it's not that unlikely that
yours can handle PAL.

Don't question it - just enjoy it ;-)


Maurice R. Kelly
mkelly at deadheart.org.uk
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