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[Powderworks] LMOC: Blue Murder / Blue Sky Mining

Rhonda kayak at sympatico.ca
Sun Jun 6 19:24:54 MDT 2004

Hi Jo,

Just finished the book early this afternoon, couldn't put it down. 
 Still trying to totally absorb it...absolutely mind-numbing to think of 
the implications.  Each successive chapter seemed more horrific than the 
last, and I was often shocked into tears thinking of those people, 
especially the little kids that did nothing but grow up there amid that 
poison dust.  

I hope the management of CSR and other parties responsible all rot in 
hell....and I owe MO a thanks for opening my eyes to this situation. 
 Likely never would have heard of Wittenoom (or Maralinga, for that 
matter) from here, if not for them.


Jo Daley wrote:

> Hi Rhonda,
> Back when Blue Sky was released, I managed to get hold of this book at 
> a local bookstore on thier clearout table for about $2.. It's 
> certainly quite a read isn't it? I read it 14 years ago and numerous 
> times since and I still try & avoid buying CSR products. Bit difficult 
> at times as they are the major sugar producers here but succeed 95% of 
> the time. It's quite horrible reading about their incredible callous 
> attitude towards the workers. Big companies, you gotta love 'em- NOT!
> Cheers, Jo.
> "On the fields and farms of England, on the airstrips of the desert 
> and the jungle, in the hangars of the Persian Gulf and on the tarmacs 
> of the southern islands, I have walked and talked with God."
> Tom Cutter. Round The Bend, Nevil Shute.
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> >Just received in the mail today the Blue Murder book by Ben Hills 
> >that inspired the Blue Sky Mining album, as a gift from a friend in 
> >Oz. Not even finished with the Prologue and I'm hooked already....I 
> >can see how the rest of today will be occupied. > >Who else has read 
> this one? > >-Rhonda > 
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