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[Powderworks] PG for parliament

Miron Mizrahi mironmizrahi at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 6 18:03:23 MDT 2004


as some mentioned PG is being touted as the next big name to join
the labour party. PG blasted "Brereton the developer" for ruining
the Aussie coast during the a gig at Selinas on 10/14/1994 so it is
ironic that this transpires as PG is named as a possible

Brereton retiring is not good news for those wanting to see Johnny
Howard's back side (myself incl.). Brereton always struck me as
someone who likes power. so is his retirement a sign? I think he
either realizes he won't get to the top of the Labour party or that
labour will not win and he won't be minister for something.

as much a I would like to see Howard out I would not like Pete to
join Labour. we need strong Greens. the greens will never be a part
of mainstream political powers but in a way it is a good thing. this
way they have more chances of keeping their ideals from being
diluted by the realities of politics. I would rather see Pete rejoin
the Oils. but since this won't happen, I would like him to join the
Greens and help them become more of a factor in shaping policies.
Australia has probably the widest gap between the people's views and
actions on the environment and those of the govt. A narrowing of the
gap (which could begin by pulling the Aussie tongue out of the
American ass and ratifying Kyoto) would be a nice change.


   How could people get so unkind?

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