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[Powderworks] Australian Migration

curtis carter curtiscarter at sympatico.ca
Tue Jun 1 20:48:56 MDT 2004


Does anyone on this list have any experience with Australian Migration, 
or know the best route to go through?  I checked on the independent 
skills list, and unfortunately I currently sit at 110 points (I need 120 
points to pass), and I am 4 months too late in using my Australian work 
experience from 2000 to achieve a 5 point bonus! ARGH!

I guess a Canadian trying to pass for refugee status probably doesn't 
stand a chance huh?

If anyone has any ideas or stories, I'd love to hear 'em.  Oh, and 
unless someone wants to make me their long-lost relative, last time I 
checked, I have no family down there (not saying that the friends I made 
aren't considered family to me).



PS.  Anyone know of any Australian companies eager to hire Canadians to 
add to their Australian workforce????? :) If I get desperate enough I 
just might be willing to be their bitch for 2 years or more.