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[Powderworks] worst oily

tfrommer at mindspring.com tfrommer at mindspring.com
Tue Jun 1 18:12:26 MDT 2004

1. Somehow leaving two of their shows at the Fillmore in San Francisco without one of the free posters made for the gigs. Didn't even know about the second one until last week when I was there for Sleater-Kinney and saw it hanging in the gallery. Drat.

And, of course, "the announcement." 

I feel more than fortunate in that I did see them a handful of times, including a couple "semi-legendary" shows: the Exxon protest in NYC and the spring '88 show at the Caberet Metro in Chicago. While I think the worst of the shows I saw was the last one (Capricornia tour show at the Warfield in San Francisco), it was the best experience as I met Rob and he both let me listen in to soundcheck and had the lads sign a picture I took at the Exxon gig. A few months later I was in the lucky country for the first time on holiday seeing the desert hold wrecks, boil diesels the Overland Telegraph Line and the like.