Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Unreleased Oils songs... DEFINATIVE list?

Michael Blackwood blackwood_michael at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 29 09:48:09 MST 2004

Below are my notes regarding all the unreleased Oils tracks I've ever heard 
or merely heard of.  Any additions or corrections would be appreciated....

>To my knowledge, these song titles have been associated with the Oils at
>some point or another, and are supposedly Midnight Oil Originals:
>1) Set Me Down Easy and/or Nothing is Easy - possibly the same song;
>    supposedly predated RSITS (on a 1978 bootleg as Turn My Head Around?)
>    and was jettisoned thereafter, unrecorded.
>2) Eye Contact - a Head-Injuries-era track that was never released, but
>    was played live in 1980 and at the Narrabeen Sands gig in 1996.  That
>    performance (no vocals) was released on The Real Thing single.  The
>    early version with wordless vocals is available on bootlegs from 1980.
>3) Wedding Cake Island, WITH VOCALS - exists only in Hirst's collection
>4) I Want To Live Here - available on VERY RARE bootleg of stolen RSITS
>    demo tape.  Thematically similar to Harrisburg, scrapped without
>    release though the opening riff was recycled into Bullroarer.
>5) Stand Your Ground - 2001 song found on some live bootlegs.  Never
>    recorded or released.
>6) Parking Station Blues - from RSITS demo tape, like IWTLH.  Scrapped.
>7) Birdman (aka Birdie?) - unreleased instrumental? Played live in 19??
>8) 40,000 Years Come Home - submitted along with TDH and BAB for the film
>    "Uluru: An Anangu Story".  (TDH was used, it and BAB wound up on DAD)
>9) Ensemble - unreleased track from a 1978 bootleg, part of the music was
>    re-used for Back On The Borderline.
>10/11/12) an unreleased song from the RSitS demos, and two unreleased
>           songs from the PWaP demos, that I don't have titles for.
>           Scrapped, but available on the bootlegged demo tapes (this also
>           applies to 13, 14, & 15, listed below)
>13) Khartoum - an unreleased demo from PWaP.  Scrapped.
>14) Sad Dog Eyes - an unreleased demo from 1985.  Scrapped.
>15) Bakerman, WITH VOCALS - RSitS demo, scrapped.
>Then, there's the song titles associated with the Oils that are NOT
>unreleased originals, many of which I've listed below to get them out
>of the way for this discussion:
>1) Warm Babies, Haulaway, Free My Soul - renamed and released on the
>    Redneck Wonderland album, as Safety Chain Blues, CPOTC, and Concrete
>2) Kids = informal name for No Time For Games, from Bird Noises
>3) Postcard = informal name for Brave Faces, from Place Without a Postcard
>4) various live covers, including What's so Funny (about peace, love and
>    understanding)?, Know Your Product, We Gotta Get Out Of This Place,
>    Instant Karma, And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda, & Sweet Georgia
>    Brown (a jazz instrumental), Telstar, Advance Australia Fair, Echo
>    Beach, Comfortably Numb, Riders on the Storm, The Good Son, Highway
>    to Hell (opening part, anyway) Locomotive Breath, Wharf Rat, Atomic
>    Electric, Crossroads, the occasional Beatles snippet, etc
>5) Emu - a didgeriidoo instrumental played by a guest-starring didg player
>    (Charlie McMahon) on a tour date in 1984... not written by the Oils
>6) Dingle Without a Postcard - mis-naming of Brave Faces from the old
>    double-lp bootleg "Wilderness"
>7) Runaway Bay - played on the Blackfella/Whitefella tour, resurfaced on
>    the Grostwriters debut album
>8) O'Cannon - renamed World That I See, released on Capricornia
>9) Lose That Girl - renamed Kiss That Girl, released on Euro version of
>    Capricornia
>10) Mozzie March, Mosquito - renamed Mosquito March, released on
>     Capricornia

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