Midnight Oil


Chris Herni cherni at pipeline.com.au
Tue Jan 6 21:41:02 MST 2004

Not having a go at you Bjorn, but I do think mp3's are pretty
bad quality, and I'm a real musical layperson based on
some of the posts I've seen on this list. And I think the nature
of a live recording might make it suffer more degeneration than a
studio recording when converted to mp3 (maybe there's an
expert that could comment on this)


Chris (Still anxiously waiting on an outer limb of the tree)

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From: "Björn Blomquist" <bjorn.blomquist at mbox301.swipnet.se>

> To me the "degeneration" of the quality is not a big deal (live
> recordings usually don't sound very good anyway), and I think many agree
> with me. Like Michael, I'm not interested in getting the whole thing,
> but there are a few songs I would like to hear. For example I think the
> demo version of "Bakerman" (with LYRICS, according to Rob's book) seems
> very interesting. :-)
> I understand if you don't want to do mp3 conversions, but there has to
> be a better reason than "they degenerate the quality of the .wav files".
> /Bjorn