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I'm only about half way thru, but I must tell you that, for me at least, I was definitely a serious fan before, but hearing about all the great things the band has done over the years in terms of giving profusely to charity, etc, has made me even more of one.  And I miss them so much more!  Let's face it, bands like that do not come around every day.  I remember one Jim quote that Bear left because he wasn't as serious as the others and Jim felt the rest of the band were becoming 'animals' and going for it.  I found it hard to picture any of the guys as animals.  I really recommend the book and like reading about all of the people that helped them along the way that have been unmentioned...or at least to those of us to come late to the party (96).

About 3 sections of pictures, with about a dozen or so in each set.  Or a few fewer.  I find the book jumps around a lot in terms of a timeline, but perhaps as I get farther in I'll see some kind of pattern.
Don't expect any huge revelations, but expect some great little bits...and many of them...insights into a great one of a kind band.


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> Come on folks!! Tell us about the Oils book!!!!  Well-written? Good 
> pictures?? How many pictures?? Any interesting revelations? Good arguments?? 
> Lacks or absences?? Conclusions?? Recommended or not?? A worthwhile 
> purchase??
> Thanks in advance
> Al
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