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[Powderworks] Oily Geographic

Kate_Adams Kate_Adams at uml.edu
Wed Aug 25 09:18:15 MDT 2004

Hey all,

While I've been mapping away on a GIS (geographic information system)derived
dissertation, my family has acquired a GPS (geographic positioning system
... handheld satellite uber compass with maps inside) and has taken up
"geocaching".  They use the GPS and clues off the web to visit nearby places
and locate little boxes full of stuff.  They sign a logbook, then put
something in and take something out and hide it again.  Little stuff like
bottles of bubbles or local band freebee promo cds or other low-cost

Anyway, we are going to set up our own geocache nearby, and I would like to
start a CD of geocaching songs as part of the original treasure package.
The idea would be that people would take it, add one of their own and log it
to a playlist, then take it to another cache.

Of course the pentultimate geocaching song would have to be REM's Stand
(Stand in the place where you live, now face north. Think about direction
wonder why you haven't before), or the early 80s song Lines (Lines, lines of
longitude and lattitude, define my altitude ...) by the Chartbusters, but I
would also like to sneak in an Oils tune if any are appropriate.

Can anybody think of an Oils tune that fits this purpose?  It should be
about wandering around looking for something or about maps, charts,
geographic navigational stuff like that.  My brain goes blank on this for
some reason - if there is I would think it would be an earworm everytime I
open ArcView, but I can't conjure anything.


I was just guessing at numbers and figures
Pulling the puzzles apart
Questions of science, science and progress
Do not speak as loud as my heart
- Coldplay "The Scientist"
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