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Mon Aug 30 21:06:35 MDT 2004

It's been a lot of  fun reading responses and getting to know everyone!  Thanks also for jogging my mind about some songs that I want to go revisit!!!

1.  what's your name? Jennifer
2.  where do you live?  Pacific, Missouri (SO ironic 'cause you can't get much further from an ocean in the US than Missouri!)
3.  how old are you?  36
4.  what do you do for a living?  Work for a non-profit that focuses on birds of prey (worldbirdsanctuary.org)
5.  what was the first song you heard by the Oils?  Best of Both Worlds
6.  how old were you when you heard it?  14 or so.
7.  what are your two favorite albums, from one extreme to the other?  Earth, S & M, and Breathe
8.  favorite energetic song?  Read About it, Truganini, Sometimes.
9.  favorite slow song?  In the Valley
10.  what song(s) defines the Oils?  My Country, Beds, Lucky Country.
11. what song is *least* characteristic of the Oils? uh, they all become part of the whole after a few plays!
12.  Martin or Jim?  Isn't that kinda like arguing paper vs. plastic??
13.  what Oils song did you absolutely hate at first and now love? Concrete
14.  did you buy any Oils releases totally on faith, without having  heard a single song before buying it?  
All, although my husband was skeptical about Breathe.
15.  do you play any instruments?  Just my vocal cords...
16.  if you could go to any ONE place mentioned in an Oils song, where would you go? Drove past Dreamland on a trip to QLD, would like to have gone bush and seen more native folk out of the cities.  Next trip!
17.  have the Oils ever inspired you to take any direct action as  part of any environmental/social activist cause?  Always worked in the non-profit Environmental Education field...just nice to have a loud voice and charasmatic figure to wave the flag and walk the walk along with me!
18. MO dream?  I had one a while ago where someone kept telling me it was Peter Arrett, not Garrett and I was getting madder and madder trying to set them straight.  Comes from argung with a 3 year old son who was born to litigate!
19.  Bones or Giffo?  Gotta say Bones, he just rocks! 
20.  what forgotten song deserves another spin? Put Down That Weapon seems timely again these days!!
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