Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Oils survey

Kate Parker Adams kate at dnki.net
Mon Aug 30 09:39:32 MDT 2004

1.  what's your name?  Kate
2.  where do you live?  Massachusetts, USA
3.  how old are you?  37
4.  what do you do for a living?  public health gradual student (working on
doctoral dissertation in geospatial epidemiology)
5.  what was the first song you heard by the Oils?  Power and the Passion
6.  how old were you when you heard it?  16
7.  what are your two favorite albums, from one extreme to the other?  Earth
and Sun and Moon and Place Without a Postcard
8.  favorite energetic song?  I have to pick one?  hmmmm... okay then, two.
Read About It and Bullroarer
9.  favorite slow song?  Bushfire
10.  what song(s) defines the Oils?  I will NEVER forget One Country live in
NYC in 2002.  I has their international focus balanced with their love of
Oz, and activism tempered with a desire to achieve balance in life (who
wants to change the world ... who wants to shoot the curl)
11. what song is *least* characteristic of the Oils? Return to Sender
12.  Martin or Jim?  Martin
13.  what Oils song did you absolutely hate at first and now love? Concrete
14.  did you buy any Oils releases totally on faith, without having heard a
single song before buying it?  yes - all but Diesel and Dust and 10 - 1
15.  do you play any instruments?  the stereo, and occasional mean rain
16.  if you could go to any ONE place mentioned in an Oils song, where would
you go? I want to get my bodyboard out where they shot the Underwater video
17.  have the Oils ever inspired you to take any direct action as part of
any environmental/social activist cause?  I worked for Greenpeace for a
year, then I got sucked back up into anti nuke stuff in 2002 when Pete went
to bat on Oregon Radio for a mostly overlooked and ignored dry, dusty, and
WMD-saturated area where I spent my childhood and Oils songs make me
remember.  I still work with the group their "friends" connected me with as
a result.
18.  have you ever had any Oils-related dreams?  Yep.  I once dreamed that
they were playing onstage with the B-52s.  This was sometime in the early to
mid 90s.  Then they went and did it in 2002 as part of an anti-nuclear dump
protest.  That made it all the stranger.
19.  Bones or Giffo?  As a bass player or to look at?
20.  what forgotten song deserves another spin?  Loves On Sale; I'm the Cure

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