Midnight Oil

Fwd: [Powderworks] Oils survey

Dan Brunner dmanwi at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 30 07:55:03 MDT 2004

1.  what's your name?  Dan
2.  where do you live?  Pewaukee, WI
3. How old are you?  33
4.  what do you do for a living?  Systems Analyst -
COBOL rules!  
5.  what was the first song you heard by the Oils? 
Best of Both Worlds
6.  how old were you when you heard it?  19
7.  what are your two favorite albums, from one
extreme to the other? Redneck Wonderland -- Head
8.  favorite energetic song?  Stand In Line  
9.  favorite slow song?  In the Valley
10.  what song(s) defines the Oils?  The Dead Heart
(not really my favorite song though).
11. what song is *least* characteristic of the Oils?
The Good Son
12.  Martin or Jim?  Martin.
13.  what Oils song did you absolutely hate at first
and now love? Shakers and Movers
14.  did you buy any Oils releases totally on faith,
without having heard a
single song before buying it?  Every one after Beds.  
15.  do you play any instruments?  nope
16.  if you could go to any ONE place mentioned in
an Oils song, where would
you go? Chatsworth/Bondi
17.  have the Oils ever inspired you to take any
direct action as part of
any environmental/social activist cause?  NONE.  I am
not an active green or socialist.  
18.  have you ever had any Oils-related dreams? 
Continually - meeting the band back-stage and in the
19.  Bones or Giffo?  Bones.  His backing vocals now
define the oils sound.
20.  what forgotten song deserves another spin? Heavan
and Earth

Dan Brunner
dmanwi at yahoo.com

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