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[Powderworks] FW: Oily Geographic

Mathias Hermansson mathias.hermansson at invmed.gu.se
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My Country right or wrong?


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> Hey all,
> While I've been mapping away on a GIS (geographic information
> dissertation, my family has acquired a GPS (geographic positioning system
> ... handheld satellite uber compass with maps inside) and has taken up
> "geocaching".  They use the GPS and clues off the web to visit nearby
> and locate little boxes full of stuff.  They sign a logbook, then put
> something in and take something out and hide it again.  Little stuff like
> bottles of bubbles or local band freebee promo cds or other low-cost
> widgetry.
> Anyway, we are going to set up our own geocache nearby, and I would like
> start a CD of geocaching songs as part of the original treasure package.
> The idea would be that people would take it, add one of their own and log
> to a playlist, then take it to another cache.
> Of course the pentultimate geocaching song would have to be REM's Stand
> (Stand in the place where you live, now face north. Think about direction
> wonder why you haven't before), or the early 80s song Lines (Lines, lines
> longitude and lattitude, define my altitude ...) by the Chartbusters, but
> would also like to sneak in an Oils tune if any are appropriate.
> Can anybody think of an Oils tune that fits this purpose?  It should be
> about wandering around looking for something or about maps, charts,
> geographic navigational stuff like that.  My brain goes blank on this for
> some reason - if there is I would think it would be an earworm everytime I
> open ArcView, but I can't conjure anything.
> Thanks,
> Kate
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