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"Midnight Oil has at various times been synonymous with suburban beerbarn angst, green political activism, indigenous advocacy, and musical non-conformism, yet at the same time the band has been a mainstay of commercial radio and an icon of contemporary Australian culture."

"There may be bands that have sold more records, there may be bands that are more popular, but few bands have hooked into the cultural life of the country in the post-war era in the same way that Midnight Oil has."

As we pilfer a few well-spoken words from the Oils' own website, we are ecstatic to announce that, this week, after years of slow preparation, we'll finally be devoting a full 90 minutes to the most significant rock band ever to come up from down under.

>From 1976 to 2002, Midnight Oil tore across the musical landscape, pointing their finger at the many social, political, and environmental injustices of a world gone blind, deaf and dumb. With blistering radio anthems and unrepentant (and unrestrained) activism, the band became the voice of countless victims of corporate greed and governmental apathy.

Sadly, with 11 studio albums, a few live albums, compilations, and EPs under their belts, the Oils put their moniker to rest - each band member now pursues their own musical and political vision in different formats. Few bands survive years of endless road-weariness, studio work and personal agendas but, through their hard work and devotion, Midnight Oil managed to carve themselves a permanent place in the collective consciousness.

Tomorrow, armed with tracks from all of their full-length studio albums, along with a few choice soundbites, we here at "What The...?" will resurrect the band -if only for a little moment- at a time in history when Midnight Oil is needed most - and yet is conspicuously absent.

So take a break from your dreamworld this Monday from 3:30pm to 5pm (e.s.t.), and find out why your beds are burning with CHUO 89.1FM's "What The...?" - the only Radio With Multiple Personalities!!!

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