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[Powderworks] Best Impressions

Beth Curran bcurran at columbus.rr.com
Sat Aug 14 12:37:35 MDT 2004

The way my job's going lately, it unfortunately DOES take that long...I
listen to Renaissance Man on my way to work, to get that positive vibe
going and get set to tackle another day - Beth
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Wait! Beth, it took you all the way 'til "Now or Never Land" on the
Oils' most brilliant record for life to be reeeeeal good? If I'm not
smiling by the harmonizing in "My Country," the harmonica in
"Renaissance Man" does it every time. 

hold on to dreams.....

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I like the B side title "When God's Not Busy"...that's SOOOOO

We're enjoying gorgeous weather here in the hurricane-free Midwest US,
and today I had E&S&M cranked on my *improved* car CD (OK, not as good
as Erika's, but it sure beats what I had).  By the time I got to my
favorite bit, Martin's loopy solo during Now or Never Land, life was
good.  Reeeeal good.  - Beth


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