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[Powderworks] FW: Visiting Oz, Favorite Oils meeting? Pete's stand

Martin Bradburn bradburn1 at cox.net
Sun Aug 1 10:23:14 MDT 2004

The list has been quite lately so I  though I'd de-llurk and stiir the
pot. My daughter (13) is currently visiting Australia and said her one
hope is that she gets  see Peter speak somewhere (ah me thinks we
trained her well!)  That got me thinking. What  has been everbody's
favorite Oils face to face,.
 Mine was only one, at the Birch Hill Night Club in Oct of 2001. It was
the first night of a three night road tripp to see three Oils shows in a
row, soething I had never done for any other band. After a blistering
show  we stood by the bus and were greeted by Mr Rotsey, who was as
cordial as can be,. No rock star posturing and a  what seemed like a
genuine interest in a two was conversation.  I only regret that I never
got to meet the rest of the Oils.
In another note, how do our Aussie P-Workers feel about Pete's softening
of hard edged views on Pine Gap, Logging (especially in Tazy) etc.
 Hoping to elicit some discussion.
Martin G, Bradburn
West Greenwich, RI
PS: Saw Paul Kelly in Boston last weekend, the real thing!!!
PPS: The two Pworkers I met at Neil Finn last night drop me a line off
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