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>At 08:22 PM 10/6/03 -0400, Virgil Thomas Alexander Morant wrote:
>For instance, at the beginning of the chapter "The night they drove old
Dixie down" Hirst puts an epitaph from Kosciuszcko, >which seems fitting for
a chapter that seems to be about life south of the Mason-Dixon.  I would
guess, though, that very >>>few outside of Australia have any idea what this
song is all about.
>I haven't read the book, but I did know who Kosciuszko was when I first
heard the song. My father, a history buff who >trained himself to be a civil
engineer while working as a laborer on road building crews, holds the great
man in very high >esteem.

which probably just underlines Virgil's point - the song is about the
mountain, not the man!