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[Powderworks] Workers Jobs

Craig Jacobson cjake at pipeline.com
Mon Nov 3 13:31:35 MST 2003

I have a really great job.
I throw peanuts around Beth's office!

Beth Curran wrote:

>I have the most violent job of anyone on the list, so there.  I hunt
>down and KILL KILL KILL peanuts whenever they put one tiny little foot
>across the imaginary lines.  Peanuts are molecular cockroaches, waiting
>to survive nuclear Armageddon and take over the world.  On deck behind
>the peanuts in the struggle for ideological domination are crustacea,
>fish, wheat, soy, milk, egg, and tree nuts.  Some of these scumsucking
>proteins are actually invisible, thus posing significant additional
>Over the last 2 years my job satisfaction has plummeted owing to
>ill-conceived cost-cutting and the constant badgering for more, more,
>more work, without a pat on the back, promotion, or raise in sight.  I'm
>not even allowed to review my staff honestly any more, as ratings are
>now restricted and only a select few are permitted to be rated as
>anything above average. I want Bruce's job so bad it hurts, and if I had
>the guts of a planaria I'd tell the corporate world to shove it where
>the Sun don't shine and go teach chemistry at the local all-girls
>school.  - Beth
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