Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] NMOC - Is Saudi Arabia next?

Jeff and Jane Scott jscott@iinet.net.au
Sun, 30 Mar 2003 16:08:50 +0800

At 30-03-03 02:47 AM -0500, Dave Schultz wrote:

>>From: "David A. Brass" <amt4all@yahoo.com>
>>This war may go on for years as the American "bliztrieg" sweeps across the
>>Middle East and North Africa in it's all out quest for oil...
>Bottom line: don't dare use Nazi terminology to describe anything but 
>Nazis. (It's "Blitzkrieg", btw.)

literally translated as "lightning war", so the statement that it may go on 
for years doesn't really make sense either!

I'd also remind everyone now that many members of Powderworks don't really 
want to wade through all this stuff which really isn't connected to the 
Oils.  There is an off-shoot list called Powderpolitics 
(http://groups.yahoo.com/group/powderpolitics/) which was created for 
exactly this purpose.  It's membership is restricted to Powderworks 
members, so you're sending your message to the exact same people - apart 
from those who are just deleting the messages without reading them 
anyway!  So do us all a favour and move this and other war threads over there.