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[Powderworks] Re:NMOC - mural and war

Craig Lawton craiggy@ozemail.com.au
Sat, 29 Mar 2003 09:49:35 +1100

Who's gonna stand up to the US then?

At 08:43 28/03/03 -0600, JCC wrote:

>Agreed on all counts.  The US should have stood much more firm in '91, as 
>well as taking a much harder line against China.  North Korea is a 
>problem, mostly due to its vicinity to China - but something still needs 
>(and has needed) to be done there.
>Since '91 all three presidents we have had have made some pretty big 
>errors - China (all three), Rwanda (Clinton should be ashamed of this 
>one), Korea, etc.
>Simply because mistakes have been made in the past, that should not 
>obviate the ability to try and do the right thing in the present and future.
>Take care.
>>True, but the fact that the USA is _talking_ to North Korea, and has
>>been giving China 'Most Favoured Trade Nation' status for quite a few
>>years, and that Irak coincidentally has a lot of oil, and that the USA
>>has a long, long history of looking the other way if the dictators like
>>the USA (South America, anyone?) makes me most suspicous of the motives.
>>I watch a (Dutch) documentary last evening, where citizens of Irak
>>talked about the revolt in 1991. First the USA promised support, then
>>they flew overhead while Saddam slaughtered them.
>>One guy talked about a bridge that was bombed in 1991. It was bombed
>>during the day, while a lot of people were crossing it. He asked: 'They
>>could have bombed it at 03:00 in the night, when no people or very few
>>were crossing it. And I ask myself: is this something against Saddam, or
>>against the Iraki people?'
>>All, by the way, were unanimous in never again thrusting the USA after
>>the 1991 debacle.
>>Kind regards,
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