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Fri, 28 Mar 2003 13:03:37 +1100

> to bear the loss of many US/British/wherever servicemen in order to 
> minimise casualties on the other side - you won't find that happening too 
> often in history.

I reckon that's a result of the biggest pre-war protests in history and something the anti-war movement can count as a success.

> If this war was not happening, thousands of Iraqi's would still be dying.
because of UN and US imposed sanctions

> So "somebody" should do it, but not you?
The war is not about liberating Iraqis. There is nothing noble about it. It is the same situation as when Australia led Interfet into East Timor. All liberation bells and whistles until it came time to negotiate their gas fields and then WE screwed them to the wall as hard as we could.
Same will happen and is already happening in Iraq.
> Iraq was ordered to disarm twelve years ago.  They kicked out the weapons 
> inspectors 5 or 6 years ago.  
Incorrect, the US advised them to leave before they started boming Iraq again.

> They stated to the UN that they had no SCUD 
> missiles a month ago.  They launched the missiles they don't have a week ago.

In correct, no missiles that go further than 150Kms. Hans Blix was on TV this morning saying that the SCUDS sent to Kuwait did not violate this requirement.

> I support the coalition action because I believe it is inevitable that 
> Saddam needs to be dealt with.  I've believed this war to be inevitable 
> since the end of the last Gulf War, when the job was not finished 
> off.  Instead, naively, Iraq was given the chance to change their ways.  
.. now you quote the country and not Saddam. Are you implying the whole country is responsible for what is happening to them now.

> support what is happening now because, as Europe discovered in the 1930's, 
> the longer you leave it the more difficult the task becomes.

In the 1930s Germany's military strength grew and noone did anything. Since 1991, Iraqs strength has been neutered in most ways, although he has not been fully and openly complying with the West.
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